Dear ANC

Ace's fans destroy books because they don't like the truth?

It must be pretty rough, all these terrible attacks on you, your organisation’s integrity and on individuals who are being written about in books and the ugly things being said about them.

As fighters for the freedom of all who live in South Africa, under a talismanic hero like Nelson Mandela, you not only lifted, but destroyed the shackles that had been tied to millions of South Africans during the terrible apartheid years.

The world applauded a new dawn in the Rainbow Nation, but now Cyril Ramaphosa is again talking of a new dawn. Under the self-same ANC that has taken corruption and thievery to incomprehensible levels in the last 10 years.

Those Zuma years were the dark ages of the new South Africa. They were the Inquisition days of burning books, torturing innocents who dared to speak out, and the enrichment of the untouchables.

“The ANC will self-correct” we keep hearing, but the corruption endemic to every governmental and state apparatus cannot self-correct.  There isn’t enough in the pie for everyone, so those few, gifted with the opportunity to eat at the trough are doing so greedily.

And the worst part? No-one goes to jail.  This is a fabulous opportunity to steal from the poor if you are so inclined, and given the sheer scale of corruption and theft, it is clear the ANC organisation is rotten to the core.

We have seen in the Zondo Commission of Inquiry into State Capture to what level the Zuma-Gupta-SOE relationship has benefitted just a few. The Angelo Agrizzi revelations about just one organisation’s capture of high profile politicians (again linked to Zuma) has not led to a single arrest or court case, despite the alarming evidence that points fingers at ANC Top 6 officials implicated in bribery.

Environmental Affairs Minister Nomvula Mokonyane was allegedly bribed for her influence from as far back as 2002, receiving R50 000 a month in cash from Bosasa to see to it that the Special Investigative Unit’s investigation into irregular contracts between Bosasa and the Department of Correctional Services never saw the light of day.

We now have the stunning revelations in a new book about how Ace Magashula intercepted bribes for all state work undertaken while he was Premier of the Free State, which the ANC initially condemned as a hateful, personal attack on Mr Ten Percent, then castigated him for using the ANC brand to defend himself, then suggested they were going to withdraw their condemnation, then said they weren’t.

And then the ANCYL in Free State decided that burning books instead of reading them was a good way to silence the critics.  Is this Nazi Germany before the Holocaust?

And we expect the ANC to run the country? 

There was news this week that Africa’s growth rate (GDP) had soared to 4%. South Africa, the second largest and dare we say the most industrialised economy in Africa, is stalled in a recession.  At 1.7 growth and trillions in debt, South Africa is pretty much bankrupt, unemployment is at its highest level ever and crime is endemic.

The new dawn that Cyril Ramaphosa is touting is a lie. The integrity of the ruling party is bankrupt and there can be no new dawn while the likes of Magashula, Mokonyane, Mosebenzi Zwane and Malusi Gigaba remain on the ANC’s election list whilst under a cloud. There is no conspiracy. No WMC. No Stratcom. Just people sick and tired of dairy occurrences of arrogant pillaging of state resources.

The time for the ANC’s foray into government must come to an end. They have failed dismally. The once-proud revolutionary party that held itself accountable to the highest standards of morality and integrity is on its last legs.

This is not the ANC of Oliver Tambo or Nelson Mandela.  Jacob Zuma broke it. He turned it into a monster that eats everything in its path, including itself.

The king is dead. Long live the king.

From Messed-Up Mike


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